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Hi There!!!!! My names Taylor Russett, I am the MAN BEHIND THE CAMERA here at Russett Photography. I think I should start by telling you a bit about myself, I am a young photographer entrepreneur that is 19 years of age. I am pumped right full of creative energy and has a very outgoing personality. A fun fact about me is that I love chai tea latte's just about the same amount as i love photographing the love and joy in peoples lives.

I started my company four short years ago and have had tons of clients from weddings to family portraits from commercial work to newborn babies. However, my favourite division of photography is most defiantly wedding as is the most beautiful time in someone's life we're two people that love each other come together with family and friends to celebrate the love they share for each-other. A wedding with Russett photography is one that is fun, light, bright and comical. On my free time, you can catch me in the ski slopes or studying hard at Carleton University. Pretty much, I have been busy within those 3 years of business racking up a client base. However, now its time to focus on my photography mission. I founded Russett Photography on the principle to provide clients with the utmost quality service at an affordable price range.


We can't wait to photograph your occasion.


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