Business Collaboration and Creativity

Ohhh how I love collaborations. This is an essential aspect of business the cultivatation of positive, worthwhile relationships with other industry leaders. This is important as you can discuss trends in the field and also get to work on creative projects together. I have to brag a bit I have some of the best business relationships. They are so creative, supportive and exceptional at their unique businesses. For example, the wonderful Elizah owner of There She Glows Hair who recruited me to work on a Summer Collaboration with Calista owner of Bohemian Beauty and Sam from Samuel Meggs Photography. Elizah's vision for the project started simply to have three models and utilize colour and darkness and natural tones and lighting. Well, of course, that meant that we had to shoot at the perfect time of day GOLDEN HOUR and BLUE HOUR right before sunset.

Her vision grew as Calista started her magic adding her vision for makeup to the models who were stunning women. Then came time to choose the outfits one natural, one colourful, and one darkness. After a hard battle through the girl's wardrobes we found the perfect outfits to make their personas. Tia was dark, Erin was colour, and Aislin was natural. We then headed off to Sagers conservation area and dreadfully walked up like 1000 stairs to the top of a hill. We got there, and the view was spectacular. The area was perfect. The lighting was bright and warm in the field and was dark and cold in the forest. This made the necessary contrast of the environment which was needed to photograph these beautiful women. Sam and I headed off to scout the area for the best spots well the women had final touches. After we mapped out our plan, we got shooting. We went all handson deck everyone was helping with posing lighting.

THEN all of a sudden... ELIZAH got out the Smoke Bombs that is when the photoshoot went from a regular photoshoot to next level below the top off creativity. We were all like little preschoolers running around with these smoke bombs taking photos and well they kind of made some fantastic creative images, YOU tell me! This creativity went to some peoples head (ME) and was going over the top to get images. Literally over the top I pulled a spiderman move and ended up 8 feet up in a tree looking down at a model to understand what I thought would be the "perfect angle" turns out it's not, but at least it made for some funny photos of me in a tree.

Working with Sam was indeed a pleasure also as his wisdom and experience helped me to develop as a photographer in that photoshoot. And I got to try out his cool new equipment Fuji Mirrorless Cameras.

This photo shoot was full of laughter, creativity, and stunning images and that is due to the vision of Elizah and the teamwork and collaboration as a whole group of creative individuals.

Photo by - Samuel Meggs Photography

Photo by - Samuel Meggs Photography